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As systems and applications become more dispersed, security and compliance are critical concerns. To reduce risk of data breaches, organizations need multiple layers of safeguards to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. RSM has extensive experience in auditing and remediating security concerns, for both on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

Get the Guide to Modernizing Your Workforce with Microsoft 365

Mobility and security don’t have to be mutually exclusive. An all-in-one platform with built-in security increases flexibility and minimizes risk.  Find out how you can take the next step toward secure, mobile collaboration with this guide to Microsoft 365.

RSM creates a security and compliance roadmap taking into consideration:

  • The sensitivity of your data
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Cloud security best practices, as recommended by vendors
  •  Evaluation by digital forensic specialists and privacy professionals
  • Organizational policies and procedures

Leverage the Microsoft 365 platform

Most organizations only use a fraction of the capabilities built into Microsoft 365. Formerly known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 is best known for its productivity apps – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But Microsoft 365 also has extensive features that enhance data security, productivity, collaboration and compliance needs. RSM can help unlock the full potential of your technology.

Deep industry-specific experience and solutions

RSM partners with clients across a broad spectrum of sectors and verticals. We have extensive, relevant experience in your industry and wield the technical skills required to meet industry-specific challenges and objectives.

Gold-certified Microsoft enterprise partner

RSM’s Microsoft Certified Professionals have met the highest standards in technological expertise. They combine their deep knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 applications with industry expertise to create client specific customized solutions.