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Moving to Microsoft 365 is a game-changer for organizations. With newfound opportunities for collaboration, shared calendaring and enterprise-level security, RSM ensures you maximize your technology investment with services ranging from strategy, migration, integration and customizations. We specialize in creating smooth migrations by including user adoption and training services. We also offer managed services for ongoing support.

Microsoft 365 users have access to a wide range of collaboration tools. The integration of chat, shared documents and calendars makes employees almost instantly more efficient. By spending less time looking for information, morale goes up, productivity goes up and technology frustration goes down. Organization and IT leaders benefit from Microsoft 365’s built-in enterprise-level security settings and compliance controls.

Engagements begin with the development of a multi-tiered strategy to meet your digital transformation goals. Our team works with you to understand your requirements and concerns around security, compliance, functionality, user training, timeline and budget.

Through our customer immersion experiences (CIE), we’ll walk through a day in the life of various employees, providing training and thought leadership throughout the process.

Once the vision is widely understood, we begin data migration, in parallel with user and admin training. We include users throughout the implementation because we know that the success of any technology is dependent on widespread user adoption. Along the way, we may have parallel side projects to automate workflows or add telephony integration. Every customer implementation is unique. Ask about our modern workplace accelerators for rapid deployments.

Get full value from your Microsoft 365 by working with the experienced advisors from RSM. Our team has the knowledge needed to deliver transformation of people, processes and technology. We’re a partner that can help you at every phase of technology selection, deployment, optimization and maintenance.


Deep industry-specific experience and solutions

RSM partners with clients across a broad spectrum of sectors and verticals. We have extensive, relevant experience in your industry and wield the technical skills required to meet industry-specific challenges and objectives.

Accelerated Microsoft technology solutions

RSM’s broad array of accelerators extend Microsoft Dynamics features and allow for a more rapid time-to-value implementation while bringing speed and efficiency to any business. Our cross-industry accelerators further optimize, automate and forecast for greater transparency into inventory, sales and distribution.

RSM also offers industry-specific accelerators that address strict requirements imposed by regulatory bodies, while converting omnichannel data into actionable insights to provide visibility into behaviors and transactions at every touch point.