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When your business has unique processes that create a competitive edge, custom software development can help you tailor your software to fit your business. Other clients use application development to reduce duplicate data entry and integrate business systems. From evaluating your needs through to supporting your custom application, RSM is your partner every step of the way.

RSM application development and integration consultants help you with:

  • System integration ─ Streamline business processes by reducing redundancy and automating application and approval processes.
  • Modifications or customization ─ Tailor your system to improve user acceptance, extend functionality and increase ROI.
  • Mobile application development – Make interacting with your business more efficient and enjoyable with mobile apps designed to increase engagement.
  • Web and portal development – Create a web portal to exchange information, automate application processes or facilitate self-help

RSM can help you re-imagine your business without technology limitations. Our innovative, yet pragmatic approach to software development encompasses every stage of planning, documentation, testing and coding. We deliver custom applications that are easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain.

Get full value from your Microsoft 365 by working with the experienced advisors from RSM. Our team has the knowledge needed to deliver transformation of people, processes and technology. We’re a partner that can help you at every phase of technology selection, deployment, optimization and maintenance.

Accelerated Microsoft technology solutions

RSM’s broad array of accelerators extend Microsoft Dynamics features and allow for a more rapid time-to-value implementation while bringing speed and efficiency to any business. Our cross-industry accelerators further optimize, automate and forecast for greater transparency into inventory, sales and distribution.

RSM also offers industry-specific accelerators that address strict requirements imposed by regulatory bodies, while converting omnichannel data into actionable insights to provide visibility into behaviors and transactions at every touch point. 

Gold-certified Microsoft enterprise partner

RSM’s Microsoft Certified Professionals have met the highest standards in technological experience. They combine their deep knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 applications with extensive industry experience to create client-specific customized solutions.