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RSM offers solutions tailored to meet the needs of the life sciences industry, built with a clear understanding of the challenges of your very demanding markets. Our industry advisors have decades of experience building, operating and supporting bio, pharma and medical device companies. We leverage that experience to quickly identify and target your most critical challenges and opportunities, while paying full attention to essential compliance requirements.

Life sciences solutions

Revenue contract management

With much success, RSM has helped life sciences companies navigate the complexities of a highly regulated industry with innovative solutions. Our revenue contract management (RCM) services are designed to support those responsible for managing complex sales contracts with a variety of entities—wholesalers, group purchasing organizations, retail chains, pharmacy benefit managers, and the Medicare rebate program—with the goal of optimizing the gross-to-net process and accuracy.

We leverage extensive data analytics to bring visibility to your data and greater accuracy to your financials, reporting and projections. Our holistic approach can manage your critical contract and pricing needs from product launch to commercial operations, government pricing and reporting as well as contract and product performance.

Clinical trial operations

Tailored for clinical trials, RSM’s Microsoft solutions and accelerators help life sciences companies maximize growth opportunities, improve data visibility, scale resources for efficiency, and build engagement in clinical trials

Contract manufacturing

With a large background and experience in global manufacturing, RSM’s Microsoft advisors implement solutions that help capture and manage contract related data, streamline contract management, improve subcontractor management and enable real-time visibility and transparency to comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards.

Medical device manufacturing

Our team of Microsoft medical device advisors will help you build the solutions that are uniquely required for medical device manufacturing. With topics and challenges to alleviate pricing pressure, maintaining regulatory compliance, improving data and visibility across the organization and optimizing production planning, our Microsoft advisors will help architect and deploy solutions to better manage and control costs, boost profit and margins and achieve sustainable growth and success.

Pharmaceutical products manufacturing

With much success, RSM has helped pharmaceuetical companies navigate the complexities of a highly regulated industry with innovative Microsoft solutions. Addressing topics to streamline life-cycle product management, strengthening quality management solutions, improve recipe and formula management, increase inventory visibility, create recll response plans, strengthening cGMP compliance and control and secure data access.

RSM’s Life Sciences accelerators and solutions provide enterprise-wide visibility on a single cloud based solution enabling contract and chargebacks management, cGMP and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11 compliance, counterfeit protection and validation services.

RSM works with biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, contract manufacturers, clinical research organizations and more

RSM and Microsoft technology can support your full business lifecycle from preclinical to approval to expansion or exit

Pharmaceutical Contract Management, and other RSM life sciences accelerators, give you a complete system to streamline operations

RSM's accelerated life sciences solutions

Revenue Contract Management (RCM)
Life Sciences Essentials
Advanced Financials (AFI)

The pharmaceutical sector is poised for significant
growth but will most likely look very different as
the science increases in complexity and operations
decentralize. Outsourcing of critical functions will
become the norm as companies seek to remain
nimble in the face of quickly advancing technology
and relevantly skilled labor becomes harder to find.


Rhythm Pharmaceuticals


Early stage pharmaceutical company wanted a solution that would scale as it grew.  


RSM helped Rhythm Pharmaceuticals implement Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations to create a strong technology foundation and ERP solution that will support the company’s anticipated growth.