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RSM’s Microsoft retail consultants are among the top-ranked across the globe, bringing the reality of a fully unified, next-generation business solutions to life for retailers determined to meet the demands of today’s increasingly connected and empowered consumers.

Retail solutions

Enhance critical retail operations through:

Frictionless checkout

Frictionless checkout allows for customers to shop and go without scanning items or even interacting with a salesperson at checkout.

360-degree view of the customer

We use  deep customer analytics to deliver personalized experiences tailored to customer behavior, preferences and needs.


CLEARthru™ reads data from RSM’s blockchain network solution to offer advanced traceability, allowing businesses to clearly show product sustainability and authenticity.

No matter your sales channels, RSM's retail advisors can help you optimize operations

RSM delivers industry-leading cloud solutions to create intelligent supply chains

Our Retail Rapid Verification Model cloud implementation gets up up and running quickly

Retail AI

Retail AI uses artificial intelligence to help customer service representatives recommend additional products to customers based on demographics and historical activity.

LED light selection

Light up the aisle as customers approach available in-store inventory, while displaying product information on an in-store screen or customer mobile device.

Remote assist

Use QR codes to take customers to business websites, where they can use video calls to directly with store representatives to solve problems.

D365 Guides

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed reality tool that leverages HoloLens, a hands-free gateway that offers interactive instructions so employees can learn by doing.

Machine learning analytics

Analyze users’ emotions over time using AI facial analysis software.

Analyzing retail performance

Interact with users in store in real time and review performance using Power BI dashboards on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Sentiment analysis

Analyze users’ emotions over time and monitor and engage customers on social channels for positive and negative comments to allow for company intervention.

In-store camera tracking

Understand the ways customers shop at your retail location and make calculated business decisions to minimize overhead and maximize retail hours.

Customer complaint management

Leverage social media listening to monitor feedback from consumers and automate tasks on multiple platforms to quickly engage solutions.

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Accelerated retail solutions

RSM’s retail accelerators extend Microsoft Dynamics features and allow for a more rapid time-to-value implementation while bringing speed and efficiency to any business. They help retail businesses convert data into actionable information, ensuring better forecasting, closer tracking and a more personalized customer experience.  

Direct to Consumer (D2C)
Postage and Handling
Retail Reporting Pack
Lot Trace and Safety
ProShip Integration
Xtracta Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Advanced Financials (AFI)
Government Contracting

Priority Bicycles transformed the customer journey with RSM

A fast-growing retailer wanted to create an innovative experience for buying bicycles and needed technology to serve as a platform for growth.
With the help of RSM, Priority Bicycles created a connected physical and ecommerce store with AI-driven virtual assistance using customer insights and automated security measures like fraud detection.
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