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Chris Jones


For growers, producers, manufacturers and distributors, gone are the days of making do with limited visibility into disconnected, cobbled-together systems.

Today’s Microsoft solutions usher in a new era of dynamic operations—one in which a single, unified, end-to-end solution enables clients to fuel innovation, boost productivity, capture real-time opportunities and flexibly run their business on their own terms.

Leveraging a long and proven track record in food and beverage with the largest Dynamics 365 practice in the United States and award winning modern workplace and infrastructure teams, RSM consultants are uniquely positioned to deliver high-value technology solutions built for the speed and scale of the modern food and beverage marketplace.

Food and beverage solutions

Address your needs and unleash opportunity with the Microsoft cloud.

While RSM’s Microsoft consultants are seeing many food and beverage companies experience unprecedented opportunities for growth, most industry segments will first require solutions to address their own unique challenges:


Requirements to accommodate the special needs of dairy financials and cost accounting


Requirements around ensuring both freshness and food-safety compliance, including the Product Traceability Initiative

Meat and poultry

Pressure to increase incremental revenue through the enhanced use of byproducts, while also managing traceability of raw materials and finished products through all stages of the supply chain

RSM is the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in the dairy indusry

68% of food and beverafe companies plan to increase tech investments this year

RSM is active with United Fresh and the Produce Marketing Association


Complexities associated with managing worldwide suppliers and tracking hundreds of seafood species, while also complying with federal regulatory mandates, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act

Grocery manufacturers

Requirements to efficiently manage the complexities surrounding sourcing of multiple ingredient types and volumes from multiple vendors

Private label

Efficiently handling complexities and pressures around selling private-label branded products to big box retailers, that often demand more stringent safety standards than regulatory entitles


Safely addressing increased risk exposure from multiple processing operations, introducing multiple opportunities for contamination

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Accelerated food and beverage solutions

RSM’s accelerators for food and beverage allows our clients to take advantage of Microsoft technologies but with deep industry functionality that allows for the complexity and regulatory environments within the industry.

Grower Commodity Contract Management (CCM)
Dairy Commodity Contract Management (CCM)
Advance Load Building
Trade Promotion Management
ProShip Integration
Xtracta Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

RSM makes a concentrated effort to customize and tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of specialized industry sectors, like food and beverage. Whatever a company’s goal, whether it be getting to the next level or having a presence on the marketplace, we help companies reinvest in technology solutions so they can achieve their goals.

Chris Jones,
Principal, RSM


Gay Lea Foods


On a legacy system installed in the 1970s, this dairy cooperative needed better insight to manage pricing based on supply and demand, as well as minimize waste in dairy processing operations.


RSM helped Gay Lea implement Microsoft’s Dynamics to handle its finance and operations. Gay Lea now has clarity and efficiency in their dairy operations.